6. How to Raise Wild Bees & Bee Hotels


6.2 Bee Hotel Design Tips

6.2 Native Bee Hotel Design Tips

Bee hotels provide much needed nesting habitat for wild bees and armed with a few expert tips, your bee hotels will get 5-star reviews from your bee and wasp guests!

Pro Tip: Bee hotel and bee house mean the same thing, just remember that wild bees are not migrating - they are moving in.

  • Smaller is better: A good bee hotel is one that is managed well, that means changing the bedding (the nesting holes) every year. A large structure may look great but may become quite a chore to manage later.
  • Spread across the landscape: Most solitary bees don’t fly far every day to forage, so providing multiple bee houses will give local bees the housing they need.
  • Healthy nesting materials: Crown Bees uses our years of expertise to design our nesting materials to be breathable, the proper size and depth, and are easy to open and clean for cocoon harvest. Learn more.
  • Avoid the bird wire cringe: Bird wire or hardwire cloth keeps hungry predators out but make sure it doesn’t keep your bees out, too. Choose wire cloth with 3/4” openings and give the bees space to land and sunbathe.

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Raise Wild Bees & Bee Hotels

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