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2.8 All-in-One Kits and House Sets

2.8 All-in-One Kits and Bee House Sets

For best savings, our kits combine bee houses, nesting materials, and accessories. Our bee house and nesting hole sets save you money!

  • BeeWorks Kits - our spring and summer all-in-one kits include a bee house, nesting holes, accessories, and both mason bee and leafcutter bee cocoons.
  • Spring Mason Bee Kit - All you need to raise spring mason bees for fruit, nut, and berry pollination. Includes wood bee house, 8mm reusable wood trays, accessories, and mason bee cocoons.
  • Summer Leafcutter Bee Kit - All you need to raise summer leafcutter bees for warm weather blooming fruit and vegetable pollination. Includes wood bee house, 6mm wood trays, accessories, and leafcutter bee cocoons.
  • House Sets - Ready to expand your nesting habitat? Add a house and nesting material set, bundled to save you money.

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