Bee Farmer Program

Ensure Bee Health Raising Native Bees

Overview & Sign-up

We appreciate teaming with our Bee Farmers!

Crown Bees delivers region-specific mason bees to our customers to reduce the possible spread of pests and diseases and to be sure the bees are acclimated to that region. For that reason, we source our mason bees from all across the US, including from you!

Our Bee Farming Program is a win/win/win for us, for you, and for the bees.

  • Your lawn and gardens have the pollen and nectar sources the bees need in order to repopulate. In return, the bees pollinate your plants for you!
  • Your yard has readily available moist-clayey mud exposed for the bees to seal their nests and protect them from predators.
  • We'll supply the bees and nesting holes to get you started. You can use your own bee house or purchase a Partner Tower house at a reduced price!
  • Your yard is healthy and free of toxic chemicals and pesticides - a win for everyone!

Please let us know if you would like to participate this year or would like to be on the list for next year. You can skip years or opt-out of the program at any time.