Common Bees of Eastern North America - Identification Guide

Common Bees of Eastern North America - Identification Guide

Native Bee Guide, Third Edition

Native Bee Guide, Third Edition

Common Bees of Western North America - Identification Guide

Take this waterproof field guide during your next hike or garden walk and get to know the bees of western North America. Includes free shipping when purchased alone.


A rugged field guide for the bee enthusiast!

Carry this informative bee guide and learn how to identify bees as well as what bees eat, where bees live, and the life stages of a bee. Photography and text by Joseph S. Wilson, assistant professor of biology at Utah State University, and Olivia Messinger Carril, Ph.D. in Plant Biology and veteran bee researcher. They are co-authors of our favorite reference book The Bees in your Backyard.

• Descriptions & illustrations of 19 common bee groups

• Honey bees, bumble bees, mason bees, and more

• Nesting and floral preferences and seasonal activity patterns

• Distinguishing bees from flies and wasps

• Indestructible lamination – waterproof

Purchase this product by itself and get free shipping.

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