8. Pests & Diseases

8.1 Ensure Bee Health

8.1 Ensure Bee Health

8.1 Ensure Bee Health

Bees are among the most effective pollinators and their efforts give us more fruits, nuts, vegetables, and flowers.

Bees are vital to pollination of our agricultural and wild places and we should do what we can to keep them healthy, safe, and thriving.

Just like any other creature, hole-nesting bees have their own pests and diseases. Opening nesting holes, harvesting cocoons, and providing fresh nesting holes each year are some simple but effective ways to take care of hole-nesting bees and reduce pests and diseases.

Nesting holes in the wild are spread across the landscape. Our man made nesting habitats unnaturally place many nesting holes next to each other and left unopened and unchecked, diseases and pests can spread easily. Crown Bees nesting materials are designed to be opened to separate healthy bee cocoons from pests and disease.

The sweet smell of pollen and nectar in the bee house is attractive to many kinds of bee pests. The pests of hole-nesting bees come in many sizes and our tips can help you with common problems like ants, birds, and earwigs, too.

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Pests & Diseases

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