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2.1 Expert Design

2.1 Expert Design

Crown Bees products are designed for optimal bee health, ease of use, and sustainability. We test our products on farms, orchards, and in our own backyards.

We are experts with years of hole-nesting bee-raising experience and we share our knowledge with the goal of your success in raising gentle bees. We stay up to date with scientific research and strive to improve our products with innovative solutions.

Ensuring Bee Health

  • We harvest, wash and inspect our spring mason bee cocoons to remove diseases and pests.
  • We source high-quality leafcutter bee cocoons to eliminate the spread of parasitic wasps and disease.
  • Our nesting materials are easy to open to harvest cocoons, reducing pests and disease.
  • We helped set the industry standard for best practices for raising spring mason bees and continue to improve the process.

Ease of Use

  • Our nesting holes are the preferred material, thickness, size and depth for each bee species - your success is higher when bees find nesting holes in the optimal size for them.
  • To reduce pests and disease, our nesting holes are designed to be easy to open.
  • Our accessories provide the tools you need to attract, store, and protect your bees.
  • Keyhole installation for easy install and uninstall of bee houses.

Natural and Locally Sourced

  • Nesting materials are made of wood, natural paper, or lake reeds.
  • Cedar is sourced from Canadian First Nations forests with strict sustainable standards.

Our products are bundled to fit your needs and your budget. Check out our all-in-one kits which include bee houses, nesting materials, accessories, and healthy bee cocoons. We also have bee house and nesting hole sets to expand your nesting habitats or you can purchase our products individually.

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Getting Started Buying Guide