Spring Mason Bee Mud Mix

Spring Mason Bee Mud Mix

InvitaBee™ Spray Leafcutter Bee Attractant

InvitaBee™ Spray for Leafcutter Bees is our field-tested pheromone attractant. Makes your bee house or bee hotel smell like home to leafcutter bees.


The InvitaBee™ Spray Leafcutter Bee Attractant attracts summer leafcutter bees to your bee house through sight and smell.

We experimented to produce a natural pheromone that smells like home to our summer leafcutter bees. In all of our trials, the bees preferred the nesting materials that were treated with our proprietary formula.

Natural reeds are a favorite nesting material for leafcutter bees and are visually attractive to female leafcutter bees. Add the included reeds next to the rest of your nesting materials to attract females looking for a place to call their own.

Each package contains 1.5ml of InvitaBee Spray and 5 natural reeds.

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CB-UPC 741587567271
Brand Crown Bees
Bee Ship Date Feb 7, 2022 (Next year)
Book Binding Paperback

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