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3.4 Native Flowering Plants

3.4 Native Flowering Plants

Native flowering plants are 4 times more attractive to bees.

Native flowering plants evolved with bees and native flowers are an excellent source of nectar and pollen. Cultivated and hybrid flowers can lose their pollen or nectar production during the breeding selection process. Native plants are easy to grow in your backyard because they are acclimated to your local weather patterns. Native plants typically require less water and fertilizer.

Some native bees are specialist bees that will only visit a certain type of flower. Your native flowers can be a much-needed food source for native specialist bees. Native plants are also host plants for other pollinators - in the Pacific Northwest, trailing blackberry is a low-growing native blackberry plant that is a host for four species of butterflies.

Native plants are natural bee feeders and they provide habitat for your local wildlife. Watch for native plant sales in the fall and spring to add native flowers to your garden. Find your local North American Native Plant Society chapter and get to know your native flowers.

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