Summer BeeTubes Bee Nesting Materials

Summer Cardboard BeeTubes for Leafcutter Bees - 6mm

Pollinator Pack for Wild Bees - 50 ct

Pollinator Pack for Wild Bees - 50 ct

Spring Natural Reeds for Mason Bees - 8mm

Natural Reeds are spring mason bees' favorite nesting material! Reeds crack and split easily for quick removal of cocoons. Save 15% when you order in bulk quantity of 250! 

As low as $15.95

In a side-by-side comparison, our spring mason bees prefer Natural Reeds over cardboard BeeTubes or reusable wood trays.

Our Natural Reeds are visually attractive and the slight size variation gives a female bee a nesting hole that is just right for her. Mix with other nesting materials to attract more nesting bees!

Our quality natural reeds are hand-gathered and cut. Nesting hole sizes are about 8mm, approximately 6" long, and fit into all Crown Bees bee houses. Each reed has a natural node to seal the back end, preventing parasitic wasp access.

Spring mason bees prefer 8mm sized nesting holes. Spring Natural Reeds come in slightly varied sizes in the range of 7-10mm.

Perfect for our spring mason bees, wild hole-nesting bees, and solitary beneficial wasps!

More Information
Brand Crown Bees
Bee Ship Date Feb 7, 2022 (Next year)

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