6. How to Raise Wild Bees & Bee Hotels


6.9 Release Wild Cocoons

6.9 Release Wild Cocoons

Releasing cocoons simply means placing harvested cocoons or filled nesting holes back into the bee house.

Adult bees will emerge from their cocoons and find a nesting hole to claim on their own, no need to place cocoons into the empty nesting holes. You can release cocoons once the bee house is installed, the nesting holes are placed, your flowers are blooming, and the temperature is right. Every bee and wasp species has their season of activity. Take notes of when your wild bees are nesting and when they start to emerge from their cocoons.

Wild bees can hibernate as larvae or as fully formed adults and they may or may not make thick durable cocoons. Bees that hibernate as larvae need warm temperatures to develop into adult bees, this is called incubation. Wait for incubation to occur by placing your wild cocoons inside of a BeeGuard or CocoonGuard Bag and set the wild cocoons into your bee hotel when you see adult bees begin to emerge.

  • Provide fresh nesting holes each year to maintain the health of your bees.
  • Place harvested cocoons on top of your nesting holes and towards the back. Keep cocoons out of direct sun.
  • Depending on the weather, it can take up to three weeks for bees to emerge.

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Raise Wild Bees & Bee Hotels

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