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2.3 Selecting the Bee Ship Date

2.3 Selecting the Bee Ship Date

Monday Cocoon Shipping Policy: For the health of the bees, we only ship mason or leafcutter bee cocoons on Mondays to ensure that they are not stuck in transit over the weekend.

  • Take a look at your calendar and think about when your orchard or garden begins blooming, these are the target blooms that need pollination.

Selecting A Spring Mason Bee Date

  • When shipped, mason bees are hibernating adults in their cocoons.
  • Mason bees emerge from their cocoons when daytime temperatures are 55F/13C and above.
  • You can keep mason bee cocoons in hibernation by storing them in your fridge until your garden’s conditions are ready. Set spring mason bee cocoons out by mid-May.
  • Choose a shipping date two weeks before your target blooms may appear. The arrival of spring weather can be inconsistent and picking an early date will ensure that you won’t miss an early bloom.

Selecting A Summer Leafcutter Bee Date

  • When shipped, leafcutter cocoons are non-hibernating adult bees in cocoons that are ready to start flying upon arrival.
  • Leafcutter bees emerge from their cocoons when daytime temperatures are 75F/24C and above.
  • Leafcutter bees can’t be stored in the fridge and they can’t be fed with a nectar substitute. Set out your leafcutter bee cocoons into the bee house as soon as possible when they arrive.
  • Choose a shipping date the week your target crop is in bloom. We want to ensure that leafcutter bees have plenty of available food sources to entice leafcutter bees to nest.
  • Please note: Western Washington residents - we highly recommend that you select a ship date after the end of June. Our local weather is not consistently warmer than 75F until around the 4th of July.

Get to Know Your Local Weather Patterns

Please use this tool to help you understand your local weather patterns and find the optimal shipping time for the bees you wish to raise. Click here for weather history data.

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