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Summer Leafcutter Bees - 200 ct

Grow more tomatoes, peppers, squash, and peas with our gentle summer hole-nesting bees that are 100 times more effective than honey bees. 200+ cocoons per order. Price includes 2-day FedEx (US)!

We ship leafcutter bee cocoons on Mondays, May-August. Select your date to ship below.

IMPORTANT: Our 2021 leafcutter bee season has ended for our Canadian customers - Check back in 2022! US Customers can still order leafcutter bees through August 23, 2021.

NOTE: We average a 99% success rate in getting your bees to you safely. However, extreme temperatures and shipping delays may affect your bees. If your package arrives and your bees are DOA, please fill out an online support ticket and we'll happily replace your bees!

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Summer Leafcutter Bees: Perfect for melons, cucumbers, beans, sunflowers, strawberries, and virtually all summer-blooming flowers. Our leafcutter bees can double or triple your fruit and vegetable yield!

• Fly best when daytime temps are 75F and above

• Gentle solitary bees that rarely sting, family and pet safe

• Easy to raise - just set up their bee house with 6mm size nesting holes!

Originally from Europe, our summer leafcutter bees have been pollinating alfalfa seed fields since the 1930s. Now backyard gardeners and farmers can also easily raise leafcutter bees to grow more food while improving their crop’s bee diversity. Each order includes 200+ high-quality bee cocoons that we've incubated for you and ship them for immediate placement outdoors. 

Check Your Nesting Hole Size: Leafcutter bees are smaller and prefer 6mm size nesting holes, they tend to ignore larger nesting holes meant for mason bees. Ensure your nesting holes are smaller than the width of a pencil. Smaller 6mm size nesting holes are attractive to leafcutter bees and will encourage them to nest.

Leafcutter bees use non-fibrous leaves like rose, lilac, or hosta to protect her eggs. Plant peas, beans, or strawberries for flower and leaf sources.

  • How many bees do I need?
  • How many nesting holes do I need?
  • How do I select a bee ship date?

Select the Monday bee ship date that is closest to when your summer blooms open and your weather is consistently 75F and above. 

We Highly Recommend: Leafcutter bees have a natural tendency to disperse. Apply our InvitaBee Spray to your nesting materials to make your bee house smell like home.

Please note: Leafcutter bees require a 3-week incubation. We will do our best to fulfill your order If you select a ship date less than 3 weeks from your order. We ship leafcutter bee cocoons on a first-come-first-served basis.


Price includes 2-day FedEx (US) or Canada Post (Canada) shipping for bee cocoons. Bee cocoons are mailed on Mondays on the date you select.

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