5. How to Raise Summer Leafcutter Bees

5.1 Super Pollinators of Summer

Summer leafcutter bees are gentle hole-nesting bees named after their habit of using cut leaf bits to build protective cocoons.

Classically striped, leafcutter bees are smaller than honey bees. Our summer leafcutter bees are originally from Europe and they were purposefully raised to pollinate alfalfa, but they are a generalist bee who can also help gardeners and farmers grow more food. Preferring to fly in warm summer weather, our leafcutter bees are perfect for summer-blooming garden vegetables and fruits. Leafcutter bees are super pollinators that can double or triple your yield!

Why Raise Leafcutter Bees:

  • Grow more food like melons, tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, and peas
  • Ensure or improve pollination of flowers and seeds
  • Provide nesting habitat for other summertime bees

What Summer Leafcutter Bees Need:

  • 6mm sized nesting holes
  • Minimum daytime temp of 75F/24C
  • Summertime open blooms
  • Leaves of the right texture for building leafy cocoons
  • A Bee Friendly Garden free of chemicals

Picking Your Bee Shipping Date

We incubate your purchase of summer leafcutter bee cocoons so they are ready to emerge and fly upon delivery. Leafcutter bees can’t be stored in the fridge, so select your shipping date as close as possible to match your garden’s open blooms. We recommend picking a shipping date that is the week that your flowers begin blooming and your summer garden gets consistent warm weather of a minimum of 75F/24C.

Summer leafcutter bees are very easy to raise! No protective gear needed, no hive or honey upkeep.

  1. Summer set up: 15 min
  2. Fall & winter protection: 10 min
  3. Spring cocoon harvest: 30 min

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How to Raise Leafcutter Bees

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