Bee Station - Solitary Bee House

Bee Station - Solitary Bee House

Wild Bee Adventure Bee House

Spring and Summer Wild Bee Adventure Green

Townhouse Bee House

Your solitary bees will love to move into our Townhouse Bee House with your choice of distinctive burgundy or black stained roof. Proudly made in the US of Northwest cedar. Includes a cocoon release tray to protect your cocoons while they emerge.

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Check out our Cabin Bee House that we currently have in stock.

Townhouse Bee House

Our Townhouse Bee House design features:

• Made in the US from beautiful Northwest cedar.

• The roof keeps your nesting materials and bees dry.

• Keyhole slot makes installation on a sturdy wall or fence a breeze.

• Cocoon release tray keeps your cocoons safe from birds, wind, sunlight, and rain while they emerge.

• Houses up to 300 BeeTubes (in 6mm size), 175 Natural Reeds (in 8mm size), one 48-hole Spring Mason Bee wood tray, or one 78-hole Summer Leafcutter wood tray.

Size: 12" H x 9" W x 9.5" D

Please note: Our new Townhouse Bee House is currently offered in a limited quantity.

More Information
Brand Crown Bees
Bee Ship Date Feb 7, 2022 (Next year)

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