WS - BeeGuard Bags - 6 Count Case

WS - BeeGuard Bags - 6 Count Case

WS - Spring and Summer Wild Bee Motel

WS - Spring and Summer Wild Bee Motel

WS - 78-Hole Wood Tray for Leafcutter Bees - 6mm

Scents from reused wood trays attract nesting leafcutter bees. Wood trays are easy to open and clean to harvest leafcutter bee cocoons. 78-hole wood tray fits inside our Chalet and Cottage Bee Houses. 156-hole wood tray fits inside our Tower Bee House.


Reusable wood nesting trays are perfect for the serious leafcutter bee raiser!

Wood is a natural habitat for leafcutter bees and provides both insulation and moisture control - a natural wicking effect that pulls moisture from the wet pollen loaf, preventing moldy cocoons.

Reusable wood trays should be placed within a bee house to protect from rain.

  • Nesting holes are 6mm in diameter, the preferred size of our summer leafcutter bees.
  • Front is burnished, creating a visual pattern that helps the leafcutter bee find their home.
  • Removable cardboard backing protects the leafcutter bees and encourages nesting.
  • Pest Blocker fabric discourages parasitic wasps from entering the back of your wood nesting trays.
  • Precision crafted of Northwest alder. Side notches lock into neighboring trays, retain alignment, and help block pests from entering on the side.
  • Reusable wood trays control year-to-year costs.
  • Easy to open and clean to remove and harvest leafcutter bee cocoons in the spring.
  • Scents left from previous leafcutter bees will attract next year's generation of leafcutter bees.

If you build your own bee house, ensure that your roof is 3" longer than the wood trays.

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