Dual Season Complete Chalet Kit - With Bee Certificates, Wood Tray

WS - Dual Season Complete Chalet Kit - With Bee Certificates, Wood Tray

Bee Station Bee House

WS - Bee Station Bee House

WS - In-Store Live Mason Bees - 10 Cocoons per Box - Eastern States

Sell live mason bee cocoons to your customers for immediate spring pollination. 10 Spring mason bee cocoons per box: 4 female, 6 male. In-store refrigeration required. Sourced from eastern US states. Ship Feb-Apr.


Spring Mason Bees: Perfect for fruit and nut trees, berries, and virtually all spring blooming flowers

• Fly in cooler weather and light rain and wind
• 100 times more effective pollinators than honey bees
• Easy to raise, require only an hour of care per year

Can double or triple your fruit yield!

Order is for ONE (1) individual box of spring mason bee cocoons. Each box contains 10 high-quality mason bee cocoons; 4 female and 6 male cocoons, nature’s natural ratio. Mason bee cocoons are washed to reduce diseases and pests.

Select the total number of boxes of cocoons that you want to sell in your store.

Our eastern bees are raised through our BeeBuyBack program. Spring mason bees are native across North America and we strive to source mason bee cocoons that are raised locally to you and acclimated to your region. 

Bees are available to ship between February and April. Mason bee cocoons must be stored in an on-site refrigerator set to 35-37F.  To prevent dehydration and death of your in-store live mason bee cocoons, place a bowl of water in the fridge to increase humidity and check the water level weekly.

Each box of spring mason bee cocoons includes an expiration date. If expiration date approaches, please release mason bee cocoons outside.

We will defer shipping mason bees until the first week of February for orders placed between May-January. For live bee orders between Feb-Apr, we will ship the bees along with any hard-good orders.

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