WS - Leafcutter Bee Observer

WS - Leafcutter Bee Observer

WS - Cedar Display Rack

WS - Cedar Display Rack

WS - Mason Bee Observer

Our Mason Bee Observer nesting trays are an easy, fun and safe way to peek into the secret life of bees.


Add our Bee Observer nesting tray to your Chalet, Cottage, or Tower bee house and watch female bees build their nests. The clear window also lets you watch mason bee larvae develop without disturbing the bees.

Mason Bee Observer (8mm Tray): In the spring, you can watch female mason bees build mud walls and pollen loaves for each egg. When the female bees are done nesting, remove the Bee Observer and from the comfort of your home or classroom, watch the mason bee larvae eat, grow, and spin their cocoons. You can also see pests like pollen mites or chalkbrood develop.

Bee Observer Benefits:

• An educational and fun way to learn about solitary bees
• Bee Observer Drawer shades the nesting tray’s clear lid, giving bees the naturally dark nesting environment they prefer
• Wood Nesting Tray slides out easily for periodic observation
• Female bees tend to nest first along bottom edge of bee house, place Bee Observer under your favorite nesting materials to improve nesting
• Removable acrylic lid for cocoon harvest
• Designed to fit perfectly in our Chalet, Cottage, and Tower bee houses


  • 1 Bee Observer Drawer
  • 1 Wood Nesting Tray (8mm) with acrylic lid
  • Instruction sheet

Size: 1.25" H x 5.75" W x 6.25" D

To add the Bee Observer nesting tray to your homemade DIY bee house, ensure that your bee house is at least 8" deep to protect nesting tray from rain.

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