Bee Station Bee House

WS - Bee Station Bee House

WS - Cabin House

Raise your solitary native bees in style with our unique bee house. Our popular bee house provides twin "hatchery drawers" for cocoon release, plus removable cross pieces for wood tray use.


Our Cabin Bee House design features:

• Made from Pawlonia wood.

• Roof keeps your nesting materials and your bees dry during rain.

• Twin attic bee hatchery drawers keep bees safe to emerge on their own.

• Removeable center cross pieces to allow wood tray use.

• Houses up to 130 BeeTubes, 130 BeeTubes with Inserts, 110 Large Natural Reeds, 48-hole Spring Mason Bee wood tray, 78-hole Summer Leafcutter Bee wood tray. (sold separately)

Outside Dimensions: 10" H x 8.5" W x 9" D

Inside Dimensions: 6" H x 5" W x 6.5" D

More Information
CB-UPC 741587567059
Brand Crown Bees
Bee Ship Date Feb 7, 2022 (Next year)

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