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FAQ Central

Instructions: Mason Bee Mud Mix

Moist clayey mud located within about 25ft of the bee house is vital for successfully raising spring mason bees. Our Mason Bee Mud Mix is 7 oz of dry clay mix that can supply about 100 nesting female bees for a season.

Earning a PhD with Native Bees

Making Mud for Mason Bees

Mason bees are named after masonry for a reason since female mason bees protect each nesting chamber with a wall of clayey mud.

If mason bees can't find clayey mud nearby their bee house, they simply won't nest and will fly away to find another site. Female mason bees carry a mud ball in their large mandibles (jaws) and they are looking for a mud that they can manipulate.

4 Ways to Help Hawaii's Endangered Bees

Dr. Jason Graham is the lead researcher developing conservation for the endangered Hawaiian yellow-faced bees in the Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences Department at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. Seven species of Hawaii's yellow-faced bees were placed on the endangered species list in October 2016, these are the first species of bees to be protected and labeled as endangered.