InvitaBee Commercial Mason Bee Attractant

InvitaBee Commercial Mason Bee Attractant

Cocoon Comb

Quickly and easily harvest your mason and leafcutter bee cocoons with our Cocoon Comb. Perfectly sized for gently removing cocoons from our 8mm and 6mm reusable wood trays.

Harvest Bundle
Save $1.50

Save time and effort during your next bee cocoon harvest.

Our Cocoon Comb is designed to provide the optimal angle for gently harvesting cocoons from our reusable wood trays.

Simply open your wood nesting trays and remove cocoons easily with our bee cocoon harvesting tool. You'll be able to harvest from multiple nesting holes with each pass.

Includes specially sized teeth for harvesting from our 8mm wood nesting trays for mason bee cocoons and for harvesting from our 6mm wood nesting trays for leafcutter bee cocoons.

Our Cocoon Comb also works great for harvesting cocoons from our natural reeds.

Proudly Made in the US of 100% recycled materials and 100% recyclable.

More Information
CB-UPC 721405580316
Brand Crown Bees
Bee Ship Date Feb 7, 2022 (Next year)
Book Binding Paperback

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