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How do I keep my mud from drying up?

How do I keep my mud from drying up?

Q. How do I keep my mud from drying up?

Mason bees need moist clayey mud so that they can gather and use it to build their nests. If they can’t find clayey mud near their bee house mason bees will not nest in your yard.

The best way to keep your mason bee mud from drying up is to dig a small hole in your yard and make sure it has vertical walls. The groundwater keeps the mud moist throughout the day and the bees can find the mud they need along the vertical walls.

Do not put your mason bee mud into a bowl or dish because the water can evaporate quickly from a dish. If your soil is loamy or sandy and dries quickly, use the Mason Bee Mud Box to keep the mud moist. The mud box includes a capillary cloth that draws water to the mud source. The Mason Bee Mud Box also works great in dry climates and in rooftop or balcony gardens.

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